Casters classification, what does?



Category List of the ability of swerving or not:

There are directional casters and undirectional casters(a.k.a universal caster)

Directional casters do not the structure of spin,can't move.While the universal caster can move with 360 degree(Like the picture above).

Category List of application industry:

Mainly are Medical caster,industry caster,supermarket caster,furniture caster,etc.

Medical caster has the characteristics of moving light and handy,swerve flexible,special super mute,wear-resisting、anti-intertwine and Chemical corrosion-resistant,etc.It's a specialized caster.

Industry caster is mainly used in factories and some mechanical equipments.So you'd better choose the caster which is made of high-ranking import Nylon(PA6)、special polyurethane、rubber.These kind caster have the characteristic of impact resistance and strength.

Supermarket caster is used in goods shelf and shopping cart,which need light and flexible .

Furniture caster is used in some furniture which has requirement of low gravity and superior load capacity.

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