You know what caster applications?



Mainly used for Trolleys and Mobile scaffold,Workshop van etc.

The simplest invention is the most important,caster also have this special character.The development degree of city economy is in proportion to how many casters will this city Shanghai、Beijing、Tianjin、Chongqin、Wuxi、Chengdu、Xi'an、Wuhan、,Guangzhou、Dongguan、Shenzheng Etc.

The structure of Caster is installing single wheel on the suport, this structure can make equipment to move freeely.

A,The fixed caster and the wheel in the fixed suport,can only move in a straight line.

B,The removeable caster and the wheel on the suport which can 360 degrees to spin,this two kinds caster type can move to any direction.

There are kinds of industry casters, they are different in size,module,tire tread. Choose the right casters up to below conditions:

A,Where are caster used to.

B,The load capacity of the product.

C,Ssubstances of chemicals,blood,oil,engine oil,salt,etc. in the working atmosphere.

D,Different Special Climates,like humidity、high temperature or bitter chill.

E,The requirement of impact resistance、crash .

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